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Anti freeze/Coolant


Anti-freeze and anti-burning from the group of thick fluids consumed in radiators are the engine cooling system of all types of vehicles. In addition to being used as an antifreeze in the cold seasons, this product is in fact also a strong anti-rust and anti-rust and corrosion agent, thus helping to optimally protect all parts of the engine’s cooling system in all seasons. brings.

An antioxidant and anti-irritant should be formulated based on the latest technical knowledge of the day and produced in accordance with Iran’s Standard Standard (Isiri-338) No.


Properties of antifreeze and anti-irritation

-The newest anti-corrosion materials with higher protection levels for parts with different shapes including cast iron, aluminum, rice, copper and …

-Compatible with all rubber and plastic parts of the system and cooling cars

-Highest heat transferability and stability in operational conditions

– Has long-term functionality

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