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Basic gear oil GL1


Gear Oil GL1

VASCASIN or OIL is a lubricant box used to lubricate moving parts in gear boxes, differential and automotive boxes. This lubricant has a low viscosity (even at low temperatures) and is compatible with the metals in the box (steel and copper alloys).

This gear oil is produced using the proper base oil and additives required for use in the gearbox of vehicles under mild operating conditions.

SAE 90 140 Degree Test Method ASTM National Iranian Standard

Kinematic viscosity at 100, cSt 8/17 30 445-D 340

Viscosity Index (VI) (at least) 103 106 2270-D 195

Flash point, C ° (minimum) 200 210 92-D 198

Pour point, C ° (max) 15-9- 97-D 201

Density at C ° 15, kg / m³ 880 880 1298-D 197

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