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CD 40

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CD 40 diesel engine oil

: Special features

  • Proper anti-oxidation and thermal stability
  • Anti-wear properties and anti-corrosion of engine parts
  • High cleansing and dusting effects that reduce soot and sediment from the engine surface
Physical specifications of CD-40 engine oil
Test method quantity tests
ASTM  D-1298 .8926 Density @ 15°c, kg/m3
ASTM D-445 19.48 Kin Vis. @100°C(Cst)
ASTM D-445 190.15 Kin Vis. @ 40°C (Cst)
ASTM D-2270 117 Viscosity Index
ASTM D-97 -18 Pour Point (°C)
ASTM D-92 236 Flash Point (°C)
ASTM D-2896 10.25 TBN,mgKOH/g

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