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CD 50

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Diesel Engine Oil CD 50

The CD 50 is a monogrid diesel engine oil produced using paraffinic base oils derived from shear refining of crude oil and additives suitable for use in heavy duty diesel engines (supercharged and turbocharged).

Special features:

Properties of antioxidation and thermal stability

Anti-wear feature and anti-corrosion engine parts

High cleansing and dusting effects that reduce soot and sediment from the engine surface

High alkalinity to prevent undesirable effects caused by acids produced by internal combustion in diesel fuels with a high sulfur content, resulting in an increase in oil life

Physical specifications of CD-50 engine oil
Test method quantity tests
ASTM  D-1298 .8926 Density @ 15°c, kg/m3
ASTM D-445 19.48 Kin Vis. @100°C(Cst)
ASTM D-445 190.15 Kin Vis. @ 40°C (Cst)
ASTM D-2270 117 Viscosity Index
ASTM D-97 -18 Pour Point (°C)
ASTM D-92 236 Flash Point (°C)
ASTM D-2896 10.25 TBN,mgKOH/g

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