SL/Ci4 20W50
آوریل 15, 2018
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CH4 20W50

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Diesel engine oil CH4 20W50

Highly efficient multi-engine diesel engine oil based on a combination of high-quality, high viscosity index, with new and synthetic base oils and the latest additions approved by major automotive companies such as Benz, Volvo, Mack Man, Kommers, Caterpillar, Renault, Iveco, Scania, Komatsu, Duff, and more.

The Motosel 15W-40, the API CI-4 / CH-4, in addition to making the starter easy, helps the engine to quickly and regularly lubricate the engine parts at low temperatures. Formulation of this product is designed taking into account all weather conditions and for use in all seasons and can be used in all new turbocharged and supercharged diesel vehicles.

Features :

– Minimize fuel consumption.

– Excellent anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties.

– The alkalinity to neutralize the acids derived from fuel consumption and ultimately increase the life span of the oil.

– Excellent thermal stability and resistance to oxidation.

– As a potent agent to eliminate residues from contamination and oxidation.

Performance levels

API CI-4/CH-4, ACEA E7/E5, DaimlerChrysler  MB 228.3/229.1,Cummins  CES 20078/77/76/72/71, Detroit Diesel

7SE 270,  MAN  M3275, Volvo  VDS-3; VDS-2, Renault  RVI RLD, Mack  EO-M Plus, MTU  Type 1


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