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SE/CD 10W40

SE / CD 10W40 motor oil

SEAT / CD motor oil with SE / CD API quality grade for diesel and gasoline vehicles of the 1972 model and before it is recommended. The formulation of SE / CD motor oil is designed to protect the engine against wear and corrosion and prevent soot formation and deposits on engine parts. Other distinctive properties of SE / CD oil can be described as very good anti-foaming properties, oxidation stability and high thermal stability. The SE / CD motor oil is produced and supplied in multi-grade (multi-grade).


– Types of gasoline cars of 1972 and earlier

– Light duty diesel vehicles with medium working conditions

– Fixed diesel engines

– All four-wheel motorcycles

– Road construction and mining machines

Efficiency levels


– High oxidation and thermal stability

– Proper anti-foaming properties

– Avoid wear and friction

– Avoid corrosion and rust

– Proper cleansing and preventing formation of sediment

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