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SG/CD 20W50

Engine oil SG / CD 20W50

The Fattah and Sadra Motors oils have been designed and manufactured by the reputable additives with high technology and high performance, and mineral base oils with high viscosity index (VI). The high viscosity index maintains the viscosity of the oil in different weather conditions, and the anti-rust and anti-wear additives used to prevent corrosion of the engine components. This oil, utilizing certain detergents, has the advantage of reducing the soot and the combustion residues, and it is used in all gasoline engines, light diesel and gas-fueled engines where API / SG / CD quality oil is recommended. The river

46152D MIL-L
3785 ISIRI



  • Anti-oxidation and good thermal stability
  • Easy startup at low temperatures
  • Excellent cleansing properties to reduce the amount of suitable combustion and suspension
  • Excellent anti-wear properties


  • Types of gasoline engines with engine design technology until 1993
  • Light diesel vehicles
  • Types of dual-engine motors
  • Light trucks

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