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آوریل 15, 2018
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SL/Ci4 20W50

Diesel engine oil SL / Ci4 20W50

Engine Oil 15W-40 CI-4 The latest achievement in the production of multi-engine diesel engine oils, with API-quality API CI-4 / CH-4 / SL, is designed at the viscosity level of SAE 15W-40. The use of high quality base oils based on the technology of 2010 in the formulation of the 15W-40 CI-4 product, combined with the use of a range of special additives approved by major automotive companies such as Benz, Volvo, Mack, Mann, Caterpillar, Iveco , Scania, Komatsu, Duff, etc., has made this product, in addition to its compatibility with all weather conditions, the most capable of protecting the engine. 15 W-40 CI-4 for use in new cars Gasoline-powered burners, one of the issues of which they have been dropping pressure, are now manufactured by Scania, Benz Assessor and Acro S, Man and vehicles that bear a lot of transport and the motor vehicle is constantly under pressure, such as heavy duty vehicles carrying refinery equipment and ports. The most important distinction between this motor oil and other diesel products, as well as other diesel products Oil-producing companies use stellar polymers in the formulation to improve performance and increase its function to over 20,000 kilometers with a minimum amount of oil evaporation. 15W-40 CI-4 production technology In 2010, the 15W-40 CI-4 engine is recommended for all cars with Euro II, Euro III, Euro IV emissions.

Features and Features:

– Ability to maintain high oil pressure due to new formulation in oil 15 W-40 CI-4

– To minimize the volatility of the oil due to the exclusive formulation of this product.

– More oil performance due to high quality and high performance.

– Suitable for diesel engines, especially turbocharging and supercharging.

– High thermal stability and excellent oxidation resistance.

– The excellent viscosity of the oil, which results in excellent engine lubrication even in cold seasons.

– Contains the strongest anti-wear and anti-corrosion materials based on world-class technology.

– Increase engine life due to the ability to neutralize acid combustion losses.

– High performance in a wide range of temperatures in oil according to the high viscosity index and low dropping point.

Performance levels of motor oil 15 W-40 CI-4

API CI-4 / CH-4 Mack EO-M, MB 228.1 Blanket, DDC Series 2000/4000 Type 1, ACEA E2-96 Issue 4, Mack EO-M Plus, MB 229.1, ZF TE ML 07C, ACEA B3-98 Issue, Cummins CES 20071, MAN 27.1, Caterpillar ECF-1, ACEA A2-96 Issue 3, Cummins CES 20076

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