Become A Sales Representative for Bita Chemical Manufacturing Company

Bita Chemical manufacturing company was established in 1966 and started its work by producing base oil, motor oil, gear oil, grease, and antifreeze. To achieve our goals and bring access to our products all across the country, we are creating an opportunity for hiring new sales representatives.

When you apply, we’ll grant you a six-month contract. During this time, your work will be monitored and if we get along together, our contract will be extended to a year.

After at least one active year of working as a sales rep for Bita Chemical, you can request to become a premium sales rep.

  Monthly sale amount and sales rep commission:
  • For each month of the time period specified in the contract, the sales rep should place a certain amount of product order. This amount will be specified in the contract between the sales rep and the company.
  • Also the amount of discount and annual remuneration is calculated with a specific formula. You’ll be notified of your discount and remuneration after approval of your documents.
  The benefits of becoming our sales rep:
  • Receiving advice and tips on selling more, and having our complete support
  • Local customers will be referred to your shop
  • Receiving cooperation for holding and participating in local and provincial exhibitions, conferences, or research projects
  • Getting to install the rep-special sign
  • Special annual rewards to active and outstanding sales reps of Bita Chemical manufacturing company
  • Your shop’s information will be included in Bita Chemical’s catalog and website
  • Becoming the exclusive representative of Bita Chemical after one year of active and outstanding performance
  Documents and specification needed are mentioned in the form below. If your application is approved, we will contact you within 7 working days to receive the documents, and set a meeting to sign the contract.

Representation form

  • Applicant Information

  • Feasibility